Why Do Guys Prefer Shaved Mature Pussy?

We’ve all heard of cougars, those women who are over 35 and pursue men that are at least 8-10 years younger than them. There are also very many mature women who are looking for someone to hook up with. With so many young women around, why do so many guys have a preference for older, more mature women? Well, there are many things about mature women that men just love.

It’s a common misconception that all men would prefer to hook up or get into a relationship with a younger woman. This is simply not true! In fact, most men do have an interest in older women - whether it be slight or more defined. If you’re still wondering what’s so great about mature women, then look no further. I’m about to tell you why they are so darn good and why many men seem to have this preference.

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Reasons Why Guys Prefer Mature Women

The reasons guys like mature women so much cover a wide spectrum. It’s not that younger women aren’t great as well, but older women have certain things that are gained with age. So I’m not going to make you wait any longer, here is the list!

1. More Independence
You ever had a younger girlfriend and she just wouldn’t leave you alone? For example, 24 hour texting and neediness on end. It can get stressful and super demanding. With an older woman, she will typically have more independence. Older women are more comfortable with being alone at times. A mature women has a better understanding on how it’s not necessary to be attached to their significant other at the hip. Not only is this less stressful, but it helps you both get along easier thanks to a little something called S P A C E.

2. Assertiveness is More Present
Being older means they have a better grip on who they are as a person as well as what they want in life. Mature women don’t “play games.” with men and are more upfront about certain things. Younger women are notorious for being teases and attempting to make you jealous for your attention.

3. Good Conversation
Being able to have a meaningful conversation is important and something that younger women aren’t as good at as older women. They haven’t experienced as much as an older woman has, so it only makes sense that they don’t have as much substance to their conversation. If a woman isn’t able to keep up good conversation, relationships can get stale.

4. More Money
While this may seem a bit shallow it’s the truth. It’s not that we don’t want to pay for the date, but it’s more comfortable to know a woman is financially secure without you. It’s quite common that younger women end up having their boyfriends or a man paying for their necessities of lavish lifestyle simply because they aren’t able to accomplish it themselves.

5. Simply More Mature
Older women are just more mature than younger women. This is true when it comes to both their friendships and relationships. Women who are younger will often value the acceptance of their friends rather than doing what they truly want to. Mature women won’t give into the peer pressure and will make their choices based on their own ideas.

6. Better Dates
Dates with older women tend to be a bit more sophisticated. It’s not about getting drunk at the club and dressing kind of slutty. Older women are more interested in a setting where you both can focus on each other and learn about one another better. Now that’s a higher quality experience that is more memorable.

7. Less Drama (IMPORTANT)
We are all aware of the drama some young women can make. Mature women have already gone through drama and can deal with their problems better. They won’t go crawling to you for help as things become a disaster for them like younger women will. Overall, it’s just less stressful to deal with.

8. More Experience
When we say more experience, it’s in every way. With sex, relationships, life in general, older women can handle themselves better under almost every circumstance thanks to experience. Not to mention, there is nothing like experiencing some mature pussy! Mature sex can tend to be more exciting because they already know the basics and they are many times very willing to try some new things. Even when it comes to friendships, older women tend to have much more realistic expectations making relationships much better.

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