How Are Mature Women More Experienced in the Bedroom

Believe it or not, a lot of guys are interested in older, more mature women. It can be the MILF next door or your college professor, there are a ton of mature women who are just downright sexy. One of the best thing about older women is that they tend to be better in the bedroom. Why is that? There are a lot of reasons why and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you today.

It’s all too often that we hear our guy friends complaining about their younger hook ups being lousy and not so great in bed. If you haven’t tried getting some mature pussy yet, you’d be surprised to know what you’re missing out on. Here are the reasons why you’ll typically find older women better at pleasing you in the bedroom.

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How a Mature Women is More Experienced in the Bedroom

1. She’s Much More Confident
Older women tend to not really care what other people think of them, or at least not as much as younger women do. A mature women is more in touch with whom she is when it comes to style, the way she carries herself and definitely what she likes in the bedroom. Younger women, and people in general, are looking to gain acceptance and are not as comfortable with their bodies. This also means they’ll probably be less likely to try new things where older women will more often take the chance at something new. It only makes sense that someone who is more confident will perform better in the bedroom.

2. They Take Initiative
Like I said; older women are more in touch with what they like to do in the bedroom. An older woman doesn’t like to waste time playing around and hoping a man will know what she wants. She’ll let you know what she likes and doesn’t like and she’ll also know better how to make the proper changes to get what she wants. This goes hand in hand with confidence because older women won’t be afraid to let you know something isn’t working for her. Who knows, she might even command you what she wants.

3. Straight Up Experience
Being older, mature women have had more sex and sexual partners throughout their lives. Older women might know more sex techniques and ways to get you really going in the bedroom. The more someone does something, the better they usually are at it. This especially goes for mature sex.

4. Their Sexual Peak is Different than a Man’s
If you didn’t know; a women’s sexual peak is in her 30s and 40s while men usually reach theirs in their teens and 20s. Women who are past their 20s have higher levels of hormones that increase their desire for sex. This also means you’ll probably get laid more often when you go out with an older women. We all know there is nothing wrong with mature women who want MORE sex and better sex while she’s at it!

5. Sex is More Important to Older Women
With their higher desire for sex, older women will make sex a priority in their lives. Younger women, on the other hand, are focused on a lot of other things and will look at sex as just something to do, usually with their boyfriend. With an older woman who makes sex a priority, she makes sure she gets what she wants to please herself. For you this could mean some mature anal on a lucky night!

6. They Live More “In the Moment”
While younger woman are known for spending tons of time just to get ready and look perfect for their date, older women are just more comfortable with who they are. They realize that life is short and don’t fret over small things like being a few pounds heavier. Anyways, an older woman’s curves are so damn sexy. You’ve probably noticed that younger women in their 20s are constantly looking for reassurance about their appearance. Older women will look past that and worry about having a good time instead. Living in the moment is the perfect trait to have in the bedroom.

How to Have More Sex with Mature Women

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